How to Optimize Right Keywords for Website


How to Optimize Right Keywords for Website

Keyword optimization is one of the important steps in initial stages of search engine optimization, for both paid and organic search. The success of your organic search mainly depends on how effective you are at analyzing, researching and selecting the right keywords for your website. In this article i will guide with some necessary things that you should do while Processing keyword research and web page optimization. For the best optimization of keyword for your website here are some trips that you can follow Such as:

Title Tag:

The title tag is the first thing that any user or search engine reads. The title tag is the most Important piece of content on both Off page and On page of your website. So always keep in mind to include your keyword in the title tag.

Meta Description:

Most of the people are still confused that they should use keyword in the Meta description or not. You can definitely use your keyword in your text snippets as it sometimes helps in ranking of your content.


The next most important thing is the images, using optimize keywords in the images on your Website is very good. Always us the optimize target keyword in your images alt attribute and file names.

URL Structure:

Don’t forget to include the targeted keyword in the file name slug on the pages URL as it is good for search engine optimization. The page is all about keyword optimization so always use keyword in the URL as slug name/target keyword for best response.

Check Keyword Popularity:

There is simple logic in SEO the more popular a keyword is, the more traffic it will generate for your website. While choosing popular keyword make sure it is less competitive. It’s very difficult to compete with mature websites that have achieved trust and authority for the most popular keywords in competitive ranking verticals.

Categories and site structure:

The good placement of your web pages on the website always has an positive impact for the users. You can easily do this job with the help of site structure of your website with the content properly placed in the categories. The placement of content in categories is relevant to the search term ranking better.

Flash and SEO:

Most people do flash which Google search engine doesn’t like. The main reason for this as it poses high security risk for your website which is not good for your website health for long run. Most of the people now days have flash turned off by default in their browser. Aside from the accessibility and vulnerability problems flash pages have no URLs. So it’s hard for Google to access and understand the content.


If you are capable of building anchor-text specific backlinks naturally, its definitely still worth it to get a branded link. Make sure while building backlinks for your content use your targeted keyword in the anchor text. Using keyword in the anchor text is one of the plus points in search engine optimization.


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