How to Target Specific Country for Website Traffic


How to Target Specific Country for Website Traffic

Having a good traffic is necessary to get better ranking in the website list. The more website traffic you have the more your visibility increases. To get global popularity one should try to get a country specific traffic first. Targeting a specific audience enhances the overall result by increasing the rank of your website. Here in this article, I will tell you ways that can help you get traffic from a particular country.


Domain Name

Buying a country specific domain name is a good initiative if you want to get a country specific traffic. Using domain name as .com or .org will give you better search results but it will not target audience of a particular area.

In order to target an audience of a specific region, getting a domain of that region gets your website more attention. You can buy domain names of any country. For example, if you want to target a country say the United Kingdom then buying a domain extension will give you better outcomes. Similarly, in order to target traffic from Australia, an .au domain extension will do the job.


Google Webmaster Tool Re targeting

Google Webmaster is the best tool you can use to make your content location specific, that too free. Working with Google Webmaster is quite convenient. Just submit your website to Google Webmaster Tools and in the settings section set your target area in the geographical target. This tool will help you to get your desired audience.


Web Hosting Server Location

Hosting your website only in the targeted country makes the loading of your site faster in that region as the search engine easily recognize the server IP and is able to determine the location of your server. To attract the traffic of the specific country uses their server location. For example, If you are interested in getting traffic from the US then hosting a US-based server will be beneficial.


Content Level Targeting

Your content plays an important role in attracting the traffic you want to target. Google automatically identify the country you want to target by the content you upload. Adding the name of the country you want to target in the description or title of the content will make you more visible in Google search. You can also include data in the language of your targeted country. This will increase your readability and will get you more traffic of that region.

Country Based Keywords

To get traffic from a specific country you should do a research on the keywords popular in that country. Your strategy should be to use as many popular keywords as possible in your content. When you use high-quality keywords in your content, it becomes more accessible to the users. The more keywords you add the more your content matches with the search results. Using high quality keywords automatically increases the value of the content thus increasing your ranking. Let us take an example of fidget spinner. It was the most searched keyword of 2017 in Australia. So in order to make your content user-friendly using such keywords in your content is a smart idea.



Backlinks determine the popularity of the content in Google search. Back links have always been quite significant. Therefore, to get traffic from a specific country, targeting country-specific back links is a smart move. Back linking lets you promote your website content and derive audience of a specific region.


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