Most Important & Effective SEO Techniques 2018


Most Important & Effective SEO Techniques 2018

Everybody wants their web pages to have good ranking in search engines. But With the search engine algorithms being updated every minute, it is becoming more difficult to know which technique still stand the test of time.
In this blog, we have narrowed down the important SEO techniques that can significantly improve your search rankings.

1. Build Quality Back links
Quality Back links plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization and hence to improve the ranking of any website.
According to Google, back links are still the number one factor when it comes to determining search rank. The thing that matters is the type of back links you create. Low-quality back link such as blog commenting or spamming could easily harm your website.

2. Speed Loading Pages
With the day to day enhancement in today’s technology, it is very important that your website page should load very fast.
If your website page loading time is high then you can face high bouncing rate which is not good for your website ranking In google. The lesser the time spent on search session, the better is the experience of the user.

3. Focus on Internal Linking
There are times when you are reading some interesting blog, you find a link that encourages us to read another blog. It keeps on going as you find these links informative. Internal linking in your blogs also keeps your bounce rates low; which is very good for your SEO’s health.
But you must make sure that you do the linking part right as the links you are giving must be relative. It will help to make the better structure of your pages and makes them look good.

4. Format Your Posts for Easier Reading
Good Formatting of your post will definitely help in order to enhance your web page readability. There are the different type of formatting technique such as

• Sub-headers:
In order to make reading simpler for the user, use informative and clear sub-headers on your web page. Proper sub-heading will help the user to scan the web page and get knowledge of what you’re talking about.

• Shorter Paragraphs:
Always focus on writing shorter paragraphs as long paragraphs don’t look good and the user finds it hectic to read long paragraphs.
Make sure to use at least 2-3 sentences in every paragraph to make them look informative.

5. Deal with Technical optimization

The technical errors on your website such as semantic markups, 404-page errors, unnecessary linking etc make the user go away.
You should always prefer to have a strong website even earlier than you begin developing any content. There are some techniques that you need to deal with such as

• Semantic Markups errors
• AMP for Mobile
• Switch to HTTPS from HTTP
• Web Browser and Word Press Plugins
• Fix 404 Errors

6. Create In-Depth Content
Quality beats quantity when it comes to online content. Always focus on quality content first and then on quantity as the user are looking for the best information in a short time. Once you are done with quality look for pages that are already ranking and create additional content to make them appear front page for more terms.

7. Improve Engagement On Your Website
Google will likely be going to reward you with higher ranking if user engagement on your pages is good. This is because most of the search engines assume that when the users spend more time on a single page, it’s likely to have useful information which helps in good ranking.

Here are some tactics that you can use such as

• Use Images Throughout Your Content
• Improve Your Bounce Rate
• Good formatting of your post for easier reading


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