New Feature in Your WhatsApp Listen to Voice Messages


New Feature in Your WhatsApp Listen to Voice Messages

Instant Messaging is a new feature in Whatsapp. Actually it is meant to change the experience of using voice messages. Whatsapp has a Voice Message feature, where you can record and send your voice.

Listen to the voices sent so far by one-by-one, but after the new features arrive, it will not be so. For example, someone has sent five voice messages to you, after listening to a voice message, you have to click on the second voice message only then you can hear it.

After the report of WABetainfo, the Google Play Beta program has been submitted to the new update. Under this, after playing a voice message, the second will play itself. That is, if there are four voice messages, you will be able to hear four voicemails from your own on continuous play while playing one. Every time you do not need to play by clicking on voice message.

This feature is not currently released for everyone in the Stable version of Whatsapp. This feature can be found with the next update. This feature is being interpreted as a Consecutive Voice Message.

After a new update, after a voice message is played, you will hear a tone before switching to another, so you will understand that the first voice message has been over and will listen to the next voice message. The second tone will be heard when there will be no other voice message next to it. This new feature will definitely change the experience of using voice messages and it will be easy too.


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