Step by Step How to Set Up Your Google Analytics


Step by Step How to Set Up Your Google Analytics

When you started with Google Analytics, you need to create Google Account. If you have an already Google Account then no need to create another account. Then you can go to Google Analytics to set up your new account.

Google Analytics search in and First URL Open-


Click on Analytics tab

Open in new page and where you will need to click on Sign Up for free button.


After Click on Sign Up for Free Button, You will be provides several step for set up your Google Analytics account.

Step 1- Sign up Google Analytics         

You need to fill your new account information for your website.


After fill the necessary information then you will configure your sharing data setting.

After this step click on the Get Tracking ID and need to do is agree to the Google Analytics terms and conditions the click on button.


Then Copy Tracking code and Paste the tracking code in Header section of the website. After you have pasted the code, click on the “Update File” button.

Then set up site search setting and set search tracking on.


You will see Dashboard and check all details in Google Analytics

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