This Feature of WhatsApp will be available in Facebook Messenger


This Feature of WhatsApp will be available in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger can soon come up with a new feature. In February this year, Facebook had said to bring an undesired feature for all users. But it was not told when it would be brought. Undesired feature sending and receiving a message back to the feature. A similar feature in Whatsapp is deleting for everywhere.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Facebook has prepared an undesired feature for Messenger and it is being tested. Tipless Jane Wong has tweeted a screenshot, which is from Android. The Facebook Messenger conversations are showing in this screenshot. Undelivered message will appear on the delete message. You will be asked to confirm the message after tapping on the unseen message.

According to the report, the Facebook Messenger feature will be used in a fixed time. The Undo Send feature for Gmail is 3 Seconds the exact same time can be given for this. Although it is not clear whether it will be 30 seconds or more.

According to Tech Crunch, a Facebook spokesman has confirmed that Facebook internally tests such features and products and later it is released to the public that the quality of experience can be improved.

There was a report in April that said that some messages were sent to Facebook users by Mark Zuckerberg have been deleted. This started to raise the question that when there is no undesired feature, it is like breaking a trust of a user and misusing the power. On the second day Facebook had announced the unseed feature for the general public, which is going to be a reality now.


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